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What is a Business Line of Credit?

Ever have a credit card? This is the same exact thing, but the credit card will be a business credit card. These are a great option for brand new OR existing business owners. When you receive business credit or credit cards, it increases your business credit score! When you have an excellent biz score, you can start to see an increase in your trade line borrow amount.

You can use business credit for just about EVERY business expense out there. We’ve seen clients use their business credit for purchasing equipment, paying employees and or paying monthly business expenses!

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Who qualifies for a business line of credit?

While many other business loans require lengthy history or revenue, establishing business credit relies solely on a FICO. This can be the business owners FICO or a co-signer. It will still only build business credit for whichever business you tie them to (Tax ID), but if not paid back, the main signer will be responsible to pay them back.

This is by far one of our most popular program because most all cards your business will receive start at 0% interest 5-18 months! A lot of these trade lines can be popular points cards or cash back business cards at 1-2%! We charge a small origination fee to get your business the best and HIGHEST amount of business credit without ruining your personal credit score you worked so hard for. Most clients who receive a loan from us apply for a business line of credit.

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What is the process of obtaining business credit?

The process for obtaining your business card is VERY quick. It is very minimal doc, and takes up to 2 weeks (from approval). All we need is a simple (full) credit report from credit karma and we will get you a pre-approval letter. That letter will contain your funding range and or anything you may need to pay off or transfer to get that amount. We have a team of experts who make it their goal to get you the highest amount of business credit possible while NEVER ruining your existing FICO score.

Obtaining a business line of credit is great because you only pay 1% of whatever you spend on a monthly basis. We have never had a dissatisfied client after using our small business credit card service.

The typical business credit trade line amount is $10,000 – $150,000. If a lender tells you more, it may not be a true business line of credit. Gravity Finance works on your behalf to obtain business credit for your business, this saves you time, money AND your personal credit score!

If you’re thinking about starting a business this is a great options to get rolling.

Already have own a business but don’t have business credit? This is ALWAYS a great option for every business no matter what the age.

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