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SBA Loan Online

On top of our many other loan products, Gravity Finance offers one of the more popular SBA Loans.

These are for business owners generating at least $10,000 per month, have good credit and good business history. These loans are backed by the Small Business Association, with their many different funding programs This gov’t agency grants SBA loans up to 85% of the loan amount!

There are 3 main SBA programs that in which funds can be used for just about any purpose. Gravity Finance will help you every step to make sure your loan gets approved QUICK! These loans carry the smallest origination points, lowest interest rates and by far the longest rate terms in history. If you can get approved for an SBA loan, we would highly recommend doing so if time isn’t an issue.

The SBA loan online can be done in about 3 weeks or less. The 3 main SBA loan programs let you use capital for nearly any business expense—including equipment, buying inventory, working capital, refinancing debt, or purchasing real-estate.

Online SBA Lenders & Financing

Securing online SBA Lenders & Financing is no easy task…

Many businesses (like yours)—including small, large or brand new ones—are able to qualify for this program. The most critical component of getting approved will be your credit. SBA loans are for business owners with a good/strong credit history.

Keep in mind, SBA loans always take a lot of time, energy and documentation! So make sure you call or email us ahead of time to know exactly what you’re getting into. Our agents are highly qualified in every loan type and will walk you through EACH step to get you and your business to the finish line!

If you need funding quicker than 2-3 weeks, we definitely have other loan options that require less docs and a little (or a lot) less time to close. We always recommend clients apply for our business line of credit AFTER the SBA process so that there is no hiccups. These two programs definitely pair well with each other because you can use your SBA loan for major purchases and biz credit on smaller or recurring bills / purchases. Ask us about either anytime of day!

choosing a sba loan

If you come across a lender that will promise a "quick" turn around for an SBA loan online, RUN.

What you will be applying to will not be a loan and you may get yourself in some trouble. With that being said, SBA loans are definitely a great fit for growing your biz and or refinancing that old debt at the lowest rates in the industry.

You may find that it is not easy to get qualified for an SBA loan if your business doesn’t have a long track record or if your credit is sub-par. Remember, the SBA and your lender/broker are sticking their neck out for you and your business on the assumption you’re a good borrower!

Most clients who were approved had:

$180k yearly revenue
5+ years in business
680+ FICO